The Amber Ale Reflection.

December 27, 2010 § 1 Comment

Amber Ale Brewing Reflection:
Sanitizing was the hardest part; i was confused.  I tried to clean everything I could and tried to keep everything that could be a contaminant away but i don’t think it worked.  I started by bringing 2 gallons to a boil and dumping it into my fermenting bucket to cool.  I then took another bucket and brought 3 gallons to a boil.  brought it back down to 160° F and added my grains to steep.  I let them steep for 20 minutes at an average of 160° F and squeezed just a little bit of the grains.  The recipe said that I should not have squeezed, shit happens.  My LME sat unsanitized in my 2 gallons of warm water covered before the addition.  I then added my extracts. The dump was clean and I stirred for about 5 minutes.  It was very well dissolved as I brought the heat back up to a gentle boil.  At 213° F I added my bittering hops and was surprised when my wort boiledl over.  I lost my spoon for a second (thank you Meeze for mentioning that :P).  It was easily recovered with my thermometer however.  I then took 50 minutes to enjoy a couple well crafted beers with some friends and shoot the shit.  I added the first hops at 10:30 PM and added our aroma hops at 11:20 PM.  I let the solution boil for 5 more minutes per the recipe and cold shocked it.  I had two 7lb bags of ice with about 1 1/2 gallons of water and salt in my sink for a bath.  I also included 3 frozen zip-lock bags of water to the inside.   The ice on the outside melted very fast.  We dumped at 77° threw a strainer.  The last 3 cups or so were very full of gunk.  I strained it well. I then took a reading with my hydrometer which read 1.045 specific starting gravity.  I pitched my yeast on the top and quickly sturred.  I then capped and sealed the bucket, and placed my airlock on top.  It now rests at the foot of my bed, just waiting to be enjoyed.  Hopefully I didn’t mess it up all that much.

Dropped spoon in wort during boil over.
Spoon and strainer were not complete sanitized due to size.
Zip-locks  of ice were not completely sanitized.
Not 100% on hydrometer usage.
Squeezing grain bag.
Did not sanitize LME when warming in 2 gallon tub.
Used 4 1/2 gallons of tap, 1 gallon of Poland Spring. (1/2 boiled off)(not really a mistake, just weird)
Brought 3 gallon to boil, then chilled before steeping.
Should have chilled the wort past 77° F


Total Time:

Start date: 12/25/2010
Tentative bottle date: 1/9/2011
Tentative opening(party) date: 1/22/2011




First BREW!

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Ah the adventure! Sometimes  we awake in the morning and wonder how one could possibly feel so shitty. Well, consider that future confusion alleviated! Brewing beer is one disgusting process. Between then pasty-clay hue of the dry molt extract to the addition of the hamster -pellet, olive green hops, beer brewing leaves no doubt that what comes out of our bodies a  day a after one hell of a rager is a direct product of what went into our beloved beverage in the first place. The process itself is a glorified baking session; hello entertainment. Being anal about processes is essential to a successful brewing adventure. Although we will have to simmer over our creation for twenty-four days or so, the Facebook event for the unveiling of our beverage is already in mind.

End notes: While enjoying the brewing process, pay close attention to the wooden spoon.


Mike Meeze


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First Post on Ultimate Brewings new Blog!

This Blog will be used to document processes and outcomes of my home brewing.

These beers will be brewed and named with Ultimate Frisbee in mind. They are intended to be enjoyed on the sidelines; if not on the field. As a young entrepreneur my overall goal will to open an Ultimate themed brewpub featuring my crafted beers.

Today I plan to brew my first beer ever. It will be an American Amber Ale. I’ll let you know how it goes 😉


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