The Amber Ale Reflection.

December 27, 2010 § 1 Comment

Amber Ale Brewing Reflection:
Sanitizing was the hardest part; i was confused.  I tried to clean everything I could and tried to keep everything that could be a contaminant away but i don’t think it worked.  I started by bringing 2 gallons to a boil and dumping it into my fermenting bucket to cool.  I then took another bucket and brought 3 gallons to a boil.  brought it back down to 160° F and added my grains to steep.  I let them steep for 20 minutes at an average of 160° F and squeezed just a little bit of the grains.  The recipe said that I should not have squeezed, shit happens.  My LME sat unsanitized in my 2 gallons of warm water covered before the addition.  I then added my extracts. The dump was clean and I stirred for about 5 minutes.  It was very well dissolved as I brought the heat back up to a gentle boil.  At 213° F I added my bittering hops and was surprised when my wort boiledl over.  I lost my spoon for a second (thank you Meeze for mentioning that :P).  It was easily recovered with my thermometer however.  I then took 50 minutes to enjoy a couple well crafted beers with some friends and shoot the shit.  I added the first hops at 10:30 PM and added our aroma hops at 11:20 PM.  I let the solution boil for 5 more minutes per the recipe and cold shocked it.  I had two 7lb bags of ice with about 1 1/2 gallons of water and salt in my sink for a bath.  I also included 3 frozen zip-lock bags of water to the inside.   The ice on the outside melted very fast.  We dumped at 77° threw a strainer.  The last 3 cups or so were very full of gunk.  I strained it well. I then took a reading with my hydrometer which read 1.045 specific starting gravity.  I pitched my yeast on the top and quickly sturred.  I then capped and sealed the bucket, and placed my airlock on top.  It now rests at the foot of my bed, just waiting to be enjoyed.  Hopefully I didn’t mess it up all that much.

Dropped spoon in wort during boil over.
Spoon and strainer were not complete sanitized due to size.
Zip-locks  of ice were not completely sanitized.
Not 100% on hydrometer usage.
Squeezing grain bag.
Did not sanitize LME when warming in 2 gallon tub.
Used 4 1/2 gallons of tap, 1 gallon of Poland Spring. (1/2 boiled off)(not really a mistake, just weird)
Brought 3 gallon to boil, then chilled before steeping.
Should have chilled the wort past 77° F


Total Time:

Start date: 12/25/2010
Tentative bottle date: 1/9/2011
Tentative opening(party) date: 1/22/2011




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  • If the beer is a success (I will be the judge of that), i want the credit to be distributed as such:

    70% goes to Trevor’s genius
    29% goes to The Wooden Spoon Incident
    1% goes to saliva

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