Amber Bottling and The IPA

January 16, 2011 § 1 Comment

Hey everyone!

Well, there’s quite a bit to update.  First of all, the American Amber Ale has been bottled.  It looks great and has a final gravity of 1.012, about 4.3% abv.  Mike and I  really rocked this out.  Only issue is that I did not dissolve my priming sugar completely.  Most of it was though so I’m not worried.  The end result may just lack some carbonation, maybe low head retention.  I’m sure it will taste great however.

My ambition did get a little crazy that day.  I ran to Keystone earlier in the day with Mike and we picked up an extract recipe for a Single Hop IPA.

9 lb. Golden Light Dry Malt Extraxt

1/2 lb Briess Crystal Malt 120° L

1/4 lb Briess Victory Malt

6 oz Warrior  (3 bittering, 2 aroma, 1 dry hop)

1 tbsp Irish Moss

11.5 g Danstar Nottingham Ale Yeast

My friends Will, Matt, and his girlfriend came over to give me a hand.  Everything went to plan.  I fixed all the mistakes that I made during my first brew.  It was a challenge dissolving the entirety of the dry malt, very dense solution.  After that I added 3 oz of hops at the beginning of my boil using meslin bags.  Then with 10 and 5 minutes left in the 60 minute boil I added 2 more oz of the Warrior Hops.  Warriors are extremely stinky, I can’t wait to see how this effects my end result.  I also had an issue bringing my wort down to yeast pitching point after my boil.  I solved that issue by buying a wort chiller and some other nifty tools (shout-out to Carlos of Lansdale, PA).  Can’t wait to use it on my next batch (The Irish Red “Zepplin” Ale).

I will re-rack to a secondary fermenter on day 2 and dry hop on day 5.  I will remove the dry hops after 5 days.  The room where the IPA is fermenting is very cold, about 55°, so I am going to let this one ferment in the secondary fermenter upwards of 3 weeks to make sure the final product is not too sweet.

Tomorrow, MLK Day, I plan to assemble a Mash Tun for an all grain Irish Red.  I will post extensive photos of the assembly and how the brew day goes.  I am also very sure Meeze will stop by and post a couple quick words about the day tomorrow.

Until then,



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