The Bookends Doppel-Bock

February 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Recipe Specifics:

Batch Size (Gal): 5.00
Total Grain (Lbs): 14.30
Anticipated OG: 1.089
Plato: 21.30
Anticipated SRM: 24.4
Anticipated IBU: 50.6
Brewhouse Efficiency: 75%
Wort Boil Time: 60 mins
Evaporation Rate: 15%/h
Pre-Boil Wort Size: 5.88 Gal
Pre-Boil Gravity: 1.076 SG
18.31 Plato
















55.9 8.00 lbs Pale Malt(2-row) America 1.036 2
7.0 1.00 lbs Vienna Malt America 1.035 4
3.5 0.50 lbs Chocolate Malt America 1.029 350
23.1 3.30lbs Muntons LME – Dark America 1.037 27
10.5 1.50 lbs Briess DME – Gold America 1.046 8


Amount Name Form




1.00 oz. Chinook Pellet 11.50 47.4 60 min.
1.00 oz. Hallertau Pellet 3.80 3.1 10 min


Wyeast: Hella Bock

2 liter starter made from one pouch.

1 pouch directly pitched.


1.       Mashed in grains at 154°F in 3 gallons of water for 75 minutes.

2.       Vorlaufed for about 15 minutes.

3.       Sparged with another 2.88 gallons of water at 200°F.

4.       Fly sparged and collected all run offs in my newly cut keggle.

5.       Turned my burner to medium and added my LME + DME.

6.       Started the boil and added Chinook hops.

7.       Added a WhirlFloc tablet at 15 minutes left in the boil.

8.       At 10 minutes left added 1 tbsp of Wyeast nutrient, and Halertau hops.

9.       Killed the burner and used the emersion chiller to bring the wort down to temp.

10.   Aerated well and pitched 2 liter yeast slurry.

11.   Airocked.

12.   Placed it in my modified refrigerator set for 47°F.

13.   On day two I added another Hella Bock yeast activator pack.


Just finished mashing, beginning of vorlauf.

Straining vorlauf and beginning of fly sparge

Fly sparging into my newly built keggle.

Resulting carboy.  Had to cut the shelving out of my refrigerator and add some straps to keep it closed.  Pretty tight fit.

My pipeline.  That is the Irish Red and “Layout” Stout.


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