A Spring in my Sip.

March 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

With the first day of Spring came the sweet smells of wheat mash and bitter hops.  The brew?  A Dunkelweizen.   Don’t speak German?  Me neither.  As per the BJCP Style Guidelines a Dunkelweizen should have:

Low to moderately strong banana and clove flavor. The balance and intensity of the phenol and ester components can vary but the best examples are reasonably balanced and fairly prominent. Optionally, a very light to moderate vanilla character and/or low bubblegum notes can accentuate the banana flavor, sweetness and roundness; neither should be dominant if present. The soft, somewhat bready or grainy flavor of wheat is complementary, as is a slightly sweet Pils malt character. Hop flavor is very low to none, and hop bitterness is very low to moderately low. A tart, citrusy character from yeast and high carbonation is often present. Well rounded, flavorful palate with a relatively dry finish.

The day started as many of mine do, arising from the floor of a buddies flat.  I shake Jon and we start out.  We mashed our grains ASAP and decided to find a sparge tool that was a little more… automated?  This inspired a trip to Home Depot.  Still a bit hazy from the previous evening Mike, Jon, and I set off to ask Home Depot employees some stupid questions.  This was evidently a success.  We found a couple of lawn sprinklers and some CPVC connectors that we thought may work somehow.  On the way back we obviously hit Rita’s, can’t hate on free passion fruit water ice.

The fly sparge process with our new tools went as flawlessly as anything can go when homebrewing.  However it is a bit nerve-racking putting a five gallon pot of boiling water on top of an eight foot ladder.  “If for beer,  endure the sear;” or something like that.  This is what the rig looked like.



The sparge process went so much quicker.  The boil was normal, may have been a bit more than a gentle rolling boil though.  In my defense it is hard to see with the keggle steaming.  I want to open the top a little more and cut a spout for easy pouring sometime in the future.  The outcome yielded about three gallons into the fermentor, which means my calculations were brutally off OR a lot more boiled off than I expected OR my grains absorbed too much water OR all of these combined.  I pitched them yeasty beasties and threw a blow off tube on that bad boy and watched it krausen within hours!  Ok, technical time!

Recipe Specifics—————-
Batch Size (Gal):         5.00

Wort Size (Gal):    5.00

Total Grain (Lbs):       12.00

Anticipated OG:          1.065

Plato:             15.93

Anticipated SRM:          12.7

Anticipated IBU:          27.2

Brewhouse Efficiency:       75 %

Wort Boil Time:             60    Minutes

%     Amount     Name                          Origin        Potential SRM


58.3     7.00 lbs. Wheat Malt                    America        1.038      2

20.8     2.50 lbs. Munich Malt(dark)             America        1.033     20

16.7     2.00 lbs. CaraVienne Malt               Belgium        1.034     22

4.2     0.50 lbs. CaraPilsner                   France         1.035     10

Amount     Name                              Form    Alpha  IBU  Boil Time


1.00 oz.    Hallertau Hersbrucker             Pellet   4.75  21.8  60 min.

1.00 oz.    Tettnanger                        Pellet   4.50   5.5  15 min.  1.00 oz.

Hallertau Hersbrucker             Pellet   4.75   0.0  0 min.

WYeast 3068 Weihenstephan Weizen

Mash Schedule————-
Mash Type: Single Step
Grain Lbs:   12.00

Water Qts:   12.00 – Before Additional

InfusionsWater Gal:    3.00 – Before Additional Infusions

Qts Water Per Lbs Grain: 1.00 – Before Additional Infusions

Saccharification Rest Temp : 154  Time:  75

Mash-out Rest Temp :         150  Time:   80

Sparge Temp :                170  Time:  90

Total Mash Volume Gal: 3.96 – Dough-In Infusion Only

To come:

1. Hopmonster IPA variation Brew.

2. Yard’s IPA clone.

3. Wegman’s vs PLCB

4. Maybe some beer of the week type of deal?

Happy brewing,



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