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Ah, finally a day off. Finals are finished, and summer is upon us.  My apologies for the lapse in updates but as you know sometimes shit goes a bit bonkers.  Since my last post I have brewed two beers; two IPAs actually.  The first was a variation on the HopMonster IPA from BYO magazine.  I played a bit with the malt and hop additions.  It turned out a little too hoppy, and that’s saying something with my taste.  The other is a Yard’s IPA clone.  I used Pale Malt (2-row) and Crystal 80L.  The color is spectacular and has great head retention and lacing.  Yet, the hop additions I used were definitely off.  At the brewery they use Chinook and Amarillo.  I used the same with additions like Bravo and Centennial.  This along with the WYeast 1099 (Whitbread yeast) gave it a fruitier taste than an English IPA should have.  Next time I will use WYeast 1098 (English Ale), hopefully, to better avail.  A review by Mr. Michael Meeze is expected soon, I will make sure to post it.  You know, because I am not legally of age to consume such lovely concoctions…

As you may, or may not know, Preston & Steve from Radio 93.3 WMMR are hosting a homebrew competition along with Triumph Brewery.  –Insert shout-out to buddies who instantly messaged me when they heard of this– .  I initially entered my IPAs which was a horrible idea because it’s too hoppy and the other is a clone attempt (I may save a 6-pack in case though).  I decided it would be better to brew something new; something outside the box.  I’ve brewed a deliciously hardy stout before, lovingly names “The Layout Stout,” but never with a secondary rack onto cherries.  Oh yes, chocolate and cherries.  With aphrodisiacs like those I can only see this brew scoring big at this competition.

Today was the initial brew day.  I took my recipe and change Maltsters (Breiss to Muntons)… nbd.  I tried to follow my first recipe as close as I could.  This was my mash schedule:

Step Name

Start Temp

Stop Temp

Infuse Temp

Infuse Amount

Water-Grain Ratio

Protein Rest

65 °

130 °F

143.0 °F

12.0 qts


Sach Rest

130 °F

154 °F

200.0 °F

7.5 qts


Mash Out

154 °F

170 °F

210.0 °F

11.7 qts


I then completed a 60 minute boil adding Chinook at 60 minutes and Fuggles at 10 minutes.  I did not have any type of filtration device so the beer may be a bit hoppy.  I do think though, the fruit addition in a couple days will neutralize any hoppy/astringent flavors.  I used a nice easy yeast also, WYeast 1056 (American Ale).

I racked into my primary fermentor and had some additional wort so I made a gallon jug a separate fermentor.  I’m keeping the jug in my room and the glass carboy in my basement.  My room is a steady 78°F. The basement is a bit cooler averaging around 71°F.  I will really need to make a fermentation cooler when it started to get hotter out.  It’s only mid-May and I’m having issues with high fermentation temperature!

My specific gravity ended around 1.048 with an expected final gravity of 1.010.  With the additional sugars from the cherries I expect this brew to come out around 5.3% alcohol by volume.  I expect a quick fermentation because of the low SG and because I made a killer starter.  My lapse time was only about eight hours.  I expect to rack my experimental puree cherries on Friday, Sunday at the latest.  The deadline is tight so every second I can get in bottles and maturing is golden.  Come June 11th, Hell or High Water(mellon), I will have a spectacular brew to show at Triumph.  Wish me luck, and sláinte to you all.

Ultimate Brewing,

Trevor Fitzgerald, Mike McCarron and Kim Farley. (Irish…ftw)


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