Anderson Valley Brewing Company Owner Trey White Interview

April 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

Yesterday, April 11, I had the pleasure to sit down with the owner of Anderson Valley Brewing Company from Boonville California, Trey White.  AVBC is one of the first breweries that started out in the late 1980’s and spurred the micro and craft brewing revolution.  They’ve grown from a 10 barrel system pushing 600 barrels a year in the early 90’s to a 36,000 barrel/year brewery now.  White acquired the company from the original owners in 2010, leaving his position as Vice President of United States Beverage.

After speaking with White it is very clear that he is passionate about the industry and especially AVBC.  Since his acquisition White has striven to improve quality and really try to reach out to distributors and customers all over the country.  He and Fal Allen, brewmaster, have devised and executed a dynamic series of both barrel-aged and lambic style ales which should reach sales floors within the year.  With the exceptional flagship styles and these new additions AVBC’s line up could be one of the most diverse and interesting out there.  They do not try to be outwardly unique and cutting edge but more subtle and highly refined which justifies the numerous awards they have won.

To listen to the entire interview click here.

As for the beers!  Capone’s, as always, is such a wonderful place to find a great selection and meet other passionate beer geeks.  Last night they tapped eight of AVBC beers; three sours, two Belgians, two Pale Ales, and one seasonal.  Each stood out and had a defined and definite place on the palate, it would be hard not to find one you really enjoy. I’ll break down my favorites for you:

The Unique:  The Sour Stout I found to be very particular.  It poured black with a dark amber hue under the light.  Sweet cherries and molasses developed in the nose.  At first the tartness takes you by suprise which gives way to tannic heavy grape and apple flavor that lingers like a Pinot Grigio.  It’s medium body and decent carbonation make it rather drinkable. ABV: 5.8%

The Quintessential:  To find a beer that is perfectly to style is very difficult but to choose one from the line up that I tried I would choose the Brother David Dubbel.  Pouring a dark chestnut color, this ale gave off a subtle rye bread aroma.  The flavors that developed were heavy in caramel and some fruity esters (apple & pear).  It finishes toasty and warm with a touch of tartness and has a perfect level of carbonation.  ABV: 8%

The Favorite:  I’ve always been a die-hard Lupulin junkie and AVBC did not let me down.  After trying the sours and the Belgians I had the Hop Ottin’ IPA and was blown away.  In the glass it appeared a tawny dark amber with a creamy white head.  A bouquet of heavy citrus hops wafted off the top.  The first sip was packed with big wet cascade and columbus hops and the body held a light bready flavor.  The carbonation made this IPA smooth and creamy, absolutely delicious. ABV: 7%

I would like to thank Matt Capone from Capone’s Restaurant on Germantown Pike in Norristown for hosting this event.  Archie Knight from Shangy’s Distribution Inc. in Emmaus for supplying the event with AVBV’s wonderful libations.  And finally, Trey White, owner of Anderson Valley Brewing Company for taking the time to meet with me and take an interview.

Left: Trey White drinking Horse tongue and Right: Archie Knight drinking Sour Stout.


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